Leaves Are Down

And so another winter is upon us, and all the attendant holidays…. I understand the history of our Thanksgiving, how it was another terrorist event perpetrated by colonizers upon the native population of North America, but I also know it is important to build places of worship in time, and to give thanks. Such times are exactly when we should remember and discuss how the holiday–how our country, our institutions and myths–began, and these origins should not preclude our celebrating life, they should make the celebration more profound, based in an awareness of all that our species is capable of, the wonderful, the sublime, and the terrible. 344) Primus: Tales From The Punchbowl (I really don’t get it. Claypool is not a very good songwriter, and he does some neat stuff with the bass, but is also really lazy, doing the same 3 or 4 tricks on every song); 345) Los Lobos: Ride This (boss covers!); 346) Motorhead: The Best of; 347) Hank Williams Sr: Low Down Blues (Country got soul…); 348) Csokolom: May I Kiss Your Hand; 349) Frog Eyes: The Bloody Hand (Why do I love this? It puzzles me, but I do); 350) Altered Images: Happy Birthday; 351) Cafe Tacuba: Reves/Yosoy (si).

late than never

The Gored Gored turned out ok, not enough niter kibbeh, and I probably should have cooked the berebere, longer, but it tasted yummy. The injera, on the other hand, I didn’t figure out how to pour until the very last piece, and even then the recipe was wanting: doughy, rubbery, and way too dense.

Gored Gored

Ashley and I moved to Lockport, NY from Atlanta, GA in Sept of 2007, and one of the few amenities I really miss is the number and diversity of restaurants. In Lockport, Americanized Italian food is considered “ethnic,” though we do, oddly enough, have 2 Jamaican restaurants. Buffalo has some restaurants to explore, but they do not, as far as I can tell, have an Ethiopian restaurant, which is one of my favorite kinds of cuisine, right up there with Vietnamese, Brazilian, Japanese, and Cajun/Creole. There is one in Rochester, but that’s an hour and a half away, so I can’t go that often. So–I must learn to make Ethiopian food myself. Today I made niter kibbeh, a kind of spiced butter, and berebere, a spice blend not unlike some southern Indian curries, in preparation for making Gored Gored on Monday. I will have to make injera as well, of course, but teff flour is very hard to come by–I had to order it from this farm–and I really want some raw meat marinated in butter, so I will try a fakey version of injera  that uses whole wheat flour and yogurt to simulate teff and the sourdough starter while I wait for the teff to arrive.   I promise to…
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