Boo, Cds!

The Shuttered Room is about to start, scary. I have to pick up the pace, averages to follow, and a sampling of this month’s cds via seeqpod.

36) Guided By Voices: Human Amusement at Hourly Rates (Best Of)

32 songs, on 1 cd. Nov 12 is Guided By Voices day in LA, apparently. Have a cocktail, shake your ass. Great pop, helicopters and bones of steel. I came late to the GBV party, not sure how I missed seeing them live, but what the hell. Enough singalong choruses, creative arrangement moves (within a pretty narrow double guitar, drum, bass frame), and memorable lyric bits (I am a scientist – I seek to understand me / All of my impurities and evils yet unknown /I am a journalist – I write to you to show you /I am an incurable / And nothing else behaves like me) to put the whole pop/punk/alternative rock shambling herd to shame. Apparently the four-hour DVD of their final show is a thing of beauty, but now is not the time for DVD’s… (bonus: the GBV database).

37) T Rex: Tank

T Rex always makes me think of Ken, a guy I used to know who had fried his brain on PCP, and described the night the synapses actually fizzled as “like when all the numbers on a calculator start scrambling and spinning around.” Ken also was on a ton of different medications, and T Rex also reminds me of downers, of music that would was made under the influence of Quaaludes… the songs bounce, but they bounce like they were trapped in warm jelly. “Mad Donna” and “Life is Strange” stand out from the druggy rumble. (bonus: no idea why, but “Children of the Revolution” and “20th Century Boy,” 2 of the best T Rex songs, are added on as “extended play” tracks. Thanks!)

38) Flamin’ Groovies: Teenage Head

I’m a monster… got a revved up teenage head. Yup. Great rootsy rock songs, the US version of what Pub Rock was in the UK, I suppose. This is easily the Groovies best, most consistent album, though others have great songs on them. Listen to this while your 401k collapses and you just might not feel so bad… Some fun covers tacked onto the CD version (“Shakin All Over,” “Walkin’ the Dog”). (bonus: the cover alone is enough to restore one’s faith in garage rock.)

>>>Extra special month-end bonus: I listened to 38 cds in 31 days, not a very good rate (1.22 cds/day), and I should try to listen to more, but if I try to go to fast, I will not really be listening, I’ll just be consuming, like the tourists that go to see Michelango’s David at break neck speed, circle, snap a pic, and get back on the bus. I did have time to put together a seepod mix of 1 song from each cd, or at least 1 very much like some cds that I could not find (Accordian Party!), so anyone inclined can share my listening experience in miniature (though, being seeqpod, many of these might not load when you go to listen. But some will…:

SeeqPod – Playable Search

Oh yeah: The Shuttered Room sucks. Terrible, not scary, bad karate chops…. but an ok soundtrack. Still messed up my halloween somewhat; when you want to be scared by a movie and it doesn’t do the job, it’s a bit like having to sneeze without sneezing. Maybe I’ll watch some campaign commercials instead.