Compact Discs

Wha? Snow? Yes, a little tiny bit of snow outside. Hooray!

47) Psychedelic Demons: Volume 2

I picked this up in Iceland because I liked the cover and package design, and because I was in Iceland. Trance/Goa electro stuff, fun to listen to, fades into the background when you aren’t paying attention, already sounds curiously dated… I mean, geez, they’re using 1999 technology to make trippy dance music! Grandpa, shut it off! Xenomorph is the only artist I recognize, but like I said, it’s unobtrusive fun, and knowing the artists more intimately might make it more obtrusive. (bonus: this cd is bit of a collector’s item, apparently, selling for 20-30 eu… I also bought a set of playing cards in iceland, and a jump rope with carved wooden peni for handles (at the Phallological museum), though I gave those to someone for xmas.)

48) Brand New Immortals: Afro-Sheen Protein Piston

This is one of those CDs that really should be good; the production is fine, the players all competent, the arrangements complex without being obnoxious, and the singer, David Ryan-Harris, has a rough, vaguely soulful voice and a hyphenated name. But it isn’t good, it’s boring. part of the problem is that all the songs smack of hipster posing, of people who have studied how to seem soulful and interesting, but can’t actually pull it off; the title should have been a hint, but I bought this one in Atlanta at the Gooodwill store for .50 cents, so my antennae were a little sleepy… (bonus: it’s only an ep, so I didn’t have to listen for very long).

49) The Beta Band: The Three e.p.’s

Should it be “e.p.’s” or “e.p.s”? Well, if they didn’t use periods for the abbreviation “ep,” then surely not, at least not anymore (using the apostrophe in such a case was the norm years ago); the periods make it a tricky question, however. “e.p.s” does look weird, my brain wants to make the “s” another abbreviation. Ultimately, this is a house style question, whatever the issuing organization decides is fine as long as they are consistant. Let’s check, shall we? This CD was issued on Astralwerks… right away, it’s clear this is a British company, since the periods are outside of the quotation marks; their website is messed up, too, some of the main links are busted, so I have to poke around–there it is, the Beta Band page. And lo, the title of this recording, on the astralwerks website, is “The Three EPs“. Bastards. (bonus: An excellent cd, my favorite Beta band recording.)