Scholar/Author/very busy man Jamey Hecht has written a far more insightful review of my book of poems than it probably deserves, and it is currently the feature review on Rattle‘s website. Thanks much, sir.

Mr. Hecht’s website.

The contradictions that reading my book seem to have provoked in Mr Hecht–he didn’t like the poems, hated reading them but thought they were successful, that it is a “good, strong book” and would recommend reading it–is wonderful. That Mr Hecht did not find the book funny, which it is certainly meant to be, says something about how social class works, I think, but ‘m not sure I’m ready to explore that argument just yet. Also, he began the review stating the poems were “unabashedly autobiographical” but later recanted and said that I might be a very different person from the narrator. I’m not sure why folks want to try and find autobiography in these poems; maybe because many are in first person, and they follow a fairly straight chronology? In any case, how much of the book “really happened” and how much did not is irrelevant. What is important, from a critical perspective, is that I am the kind of person who would think to write poems like these.