Then more Cds…

I’ll have to start in on the xmas CDs soon…

76-78) The Essential Guide to Bollywood: Vol 1-3

I’ve never seen any of the movies these songs are from, and I don’t speak a word of Hindi, but so what. I dig the Bollywood beat, that 3/3 shimmy that makes your brainstem want to wag like it was an ocean wave, and listening to the various production eras is always a treat, except for the late 1970’s, early 1980’s trebly freebase squeaky clean stuff, everyone just learning to use midi and such. I could do without that crap, it’s like chewing on glass shards and ripping your mouth to shreds and then you scream and–nothing, no blood, the song is over and not a bit of it lingers in the air. There’s not really too much of that style on here, actually, I think I am still recoiling from the first four songs of the Dusty Springfield collection that comes later. Anyhow, here is Mohammed Rafi, who appears on more tunes here than anyone, doing on of the songs from CD 2:

(bonus: wow, am I out of date. Apparently, there is not only a Bollywood, centered in Bombay and focused on Hindi language movies, but there is also a Sandalwood, Tollywood, Mollywood, and Kollywood, as well as a Lollywood in Pakistan. I really wish I could learn langauges via neural implant…)

79) Cop Shoot Cop: Ask Questions Later

Whoa, not in Bollywood anymore… I remember seeing fliers for Cop Shoot Cop all over the lower third of Manhattan, though I never saw the band. The image of these fliers, pasted to poles or glued to a wall, is very distinct, even though all I remember is the name, in big block letters. I guess that means it is a good name for a band, an industrial band with 2 bass players and big old Killing Joke-style drum wallops. They sprinkled their sound with jazzy changes and interesting lyrics, when you could hear them, but none of the songs are all that memorable. Good to listen to when driving home from a long meeting, or before an audit. (bonus: Just like every other bad-ass, countercultural, industrial band of the 90’s, Nike used one of their songs in a commercial. Well, ok, Missing Foundation never got a commercial. I think.)

80) Björk: Volta

I think I saw Björk when I was in Iceland, in 1999, walking across the square next to the main bus station. Of course, Iceland is filled with women who look like Björk, it’s like saying you think you saw Pamela Anderson on Venice Beach. This CD has the best packaging of any Björk CD, which is saying something, but musically is very uneven, the sound of someone who has forged a career on innovation beginning to chafe at having to be wildly different every time. She should release a set of folk covers, or maybe do a set of Ken Nordine-esque word jazz, or else remake all the Sugarcubes albums as disco metal… or just work on writing good songs and not focus so much on the packaging. The duet with Antony from Antony and the Johnsons is lovely, and there are 2 or 3 other good songs here, and a bunch of stuff that sounds like Björk being Björk, the way Manny is Manny–but when he goes and pisses behind the left field wall, not when he hits a 450 foot dinger. (bonus: did I mention I thought I saw Björk in Iceland? Sorry).