What was I thinking…

A common enough refrain in most people’s lives, yes? As in, “what was I thinking when I decided to listen to all my cds, on at a time, and write about each one?” or “alexandrine couplets? What was I thinking?” or “renting Kazaam, dear god what possessed me?” This phrase is triggered by something beyond regret, a sense of bafflement, as though you cannot recognize the person that would make such a choice. So, couplets:

112) Beta Band: Heroes to Zeros

Do I really own ev’ry CD by this band?
Apparently so, but this last one’s pretty bland.

113) Omar: Best by far

The lyrics are just to keep the ass in motion,
and “Be Thankful” is there to rub it with lotion:

114) Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters

Elton John never moved me, but this CD’s great,
queer snot-nosed ass-shakin’, though the ballads do grate.

Ok, enough of that. Next: A brief fairy tale inspired by each CD. Or maybe one big fairy tale inspired by several…