yeah, that worked

Putting “orgasm” in the title shure did increase the number of spambots commenting on the site. Boy what a month, haven’t been that annoyingly busy in a while. I’ve listened to plenty of CDs, too many to give a full paragraph to, so I’ll have to keep’em brief.

135) Jonathan Richman: The Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

Doo-pop, doo-pop… Someone who I thought would know better said once, upon first hearing JR, “Wow, he must get all the chicks, being so sincere and shit.”

136) Iron and Wine: The Creek Through the Cradle

Not sure Sam Beam’s songwriting has grown much since this release, but about half of these surreal american pop songs are memorable.

137) King Tubby/Errol Thompson: Black Foundation in Dub

Not the best dub CD, not the worst, just fine for those “I wanna hear someone mess with the echoplex” moods.

138) Martha Wainwright: Martha Wainwright

Martha managed to get a PMRC warning sticker on this–maybe because of the songs is titled, “You Motherfucking Bloody Asshole”? And it’s even a good song.

139) The Cure: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

So sad, I had to sing about it. Robert Smith is a lot like Prince, doing more with less, pop instincts, too much makeup…

140) Thump Records: Old School Funk’n’Hip-Hop

No diggity. Play loud, windows down.

141) PIL: Second Edition

Yes diggity. Play loud, windows down, wait for perplexed stares.

142) New Order: Get Ready

Really good CD, actually, for being their first after reuniting, since, you know, sometimes I hear people just do that for the money!

143) Donna the Buffalo: Donna the Buffalo

Not sure why I have this. Yes, we could all be _______ if we all just _________.

144) The Danielson Famile: Fetch the Compass, Kids

If PIL were a group of jesus-lovin’ indie weirdos, they might sound a bit like they could play a gig with this crew. They like to wear matching nurse outfits.

145) Johnny Cash: American V, A Hundred Highways

Hard to listen to someone dying, but harder not to, when it’s Johnny Cash.

146) Neu: Neu!

Ah! Kraut-rock! Uncut! I forgot it was on and it started again and was halfway through the second go round before I noticed.

147) Blondie: The Platinum Collection

How much Blondie is too much? Well, by the end of the second CD of this 2 CD set, three of us were ready for it to end. But I have to listen to the end, which might account for why people don’t visit much anymore.

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  1. Marc

    The Platinum Collection went well beyond the confines of the envelope.

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