Many Books?

My lovely wife expressed some envy about the way I read, that is, the way I read 7 or 8 books at once, bopping back and forth between them. I have always done so, I like how they books often talk to one another, and I have books assigned to different times and places: my read in bed book (currently: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal ), my downstairs bathroom book (currently: The Pelican History of the World), my upstairs bathroom book (currently: Run With the Horsemen)  my waiting around book that I keep in my car (currently: On Bullshit), and then the 3-4 others I read when not in bed, the bathroom, or waiting somewhere… my wife reads many things each day, as we all do, but prefers one book at a time, which I find just as puzzling as she does my multiple book habit. I suppose my reading habits also mean I am not the target audience for eBook readers, since I would have to chain it to a pierced nipple of something so I was sure to have access to books at all those times and places…

267) Linda Thompson: Fashionably Late

The story of Linda Thompson’s crippling stage fright (hysterical dysphonia) is fascinating, she couldn’t sing for 17 years; I’m certainly glad she found her way out the other side, as she is a wonderful vocalist and also a fine songwriter, as is clear from this recording. And Richard even shows up to play a bit, which is somehow comforting.

268) The Neville Brothers: A History of the Nevilles

Such a weird double CD; the cover is a weirdly drawn picture of Cyrille Art and Aaron, smiling away, and the tracks alternate, one after the other, between Neville Bros tracks and Meters tracks. Great songs, of course, but a strange package… and this is odd, too, though also cool: a fan-made “Hercules” video mashed up with scenes from Meanstreets:

269) The Be Good Tanyas: Hello Love

I first heard these women while driving through Kentucky and Tennessee, up and down the foothills, desperately searching for something that was neither glitter-country crap nor classic rock nor wackadoo preachers, and lo, I found it, though I’ve still no idea what station it was, because they played 4 songs by The Be Good Tanyas, minimal, delicate, raw country folk, and then the station broke into static. I may have dreamed the whole thing, and could in fact be laying in a ditch on the side of Route 65 even as I am dreaming of writing this… but probably not.


  1. Anonymous

    That is a sketch of Aaron and Art on the cover of the History of the Neville Brothers cd

  2. admin (Post author)

    Whoops, of course, my mistake. I love it–looks like it was airbrushed with frosting on a sheet cake.

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