I have a new book of poetry set for publication in December, from the Main Street Rag Publishing Co. If the release date is in December, why am I writing this now, in August? Because if 100 people pre-order the book, at a discount, it will be released earlier. I will keep a running tally of how many are ordered, so please go to one of the above links and order one! With the discount, the book is only $9, which is less than a pack of cigarettes here in NY….

and now, more CDs, as I continue listening to all the ones I own:

297) The Pixies: Surfer Rosa

There was a period of 9 months or so, in the late 1980’s, when you couldn’t step into a bar, party, or friend’s car without hearing this CD. Classic rock in a blender, noise rock with the rough edges sanded off… and poppy as hell. Still great fun.

298) The Breeders: Last Splash

Odd that this one was right next to Surfer Rosa, bit of synchronicity there… it also seems odd that this came out in 1993, and Surfer Rosa in 1988, were the Pixies really only around for 5 years? Guess so. 2 or 3 great songs here, 1 big hit (“Cannonball”) that was good but not great, and a bunch of goofing around. I liked their first ep a bit more, if only because it was more economical (and had “Safari,” my favorite Breeders song).

299) The Birthday Party: Junkyard

What a great, scary album. Roaring, discordant punk noise, rockabilly riffing, a little Nino Rota here and there, and Nick Cave bellowing about big-jesus-trash-can. I cheated and listened to this one 3 times, twice because I wanted to and once to wash out of my ears this thing:

300) Glass Hammer: The Middle Earth Album

I have no idea who gave me this, but they made a copy of both CD and CD cover, so they must have been pretty impressed. I can’t figure out what they are trying to do, but it scares me; it’s music for the Renaissance Faire, but not as fun as all that, there’s no Faire or turkey legs or muddy wenches or jousting… and just when I thought it couldn’t get more scary, the musicians lapse into really limp prog rock noodling, which made me long for the fake medieval crap. Nice trick. According to Wikipedia,

Glass Hammer is a progressive rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They formed in 1992 when multi-instrumentalists Steve Babb (then known as “Stephen DeArqe”) and Fred Schendel began to write and record Journey of the Dunadan, a concept album based on the story of Aragorn from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. To their surprise, the album sold several thousand units via the Internet, TV home shopping, and phone orders, and Babb and Schendel were convinced that the band was a project worth continuing.

Or not. Now I get to listen to a box set, Astor Piazzola, I think…
Please buy my book! Thanks!