The Salon

The hair salon, that is. Took my wife to get her hair cut, as we were on our way to see Henry Grimes  and hadn’t time to go back home before heading down to Buffalo, and was reminded of every other time I’d been in a salon because of the smell, a composite of multiple kinds of product, sanitizer, and a slight undercurrent of scorch… so, I’m sitting and reading the book I brought with me, trying to make sense of this sentence:

Now it may be asked how it is possible for any kind of quality, property, entity, level, domain, etc., to have even an approximately autonomous existence, in the face of the fact that an infinity of relatively independent kinds of motions with contradictory tendencies are taking place in its environment and in its substructure. (David Bohm, “The Qualitative Infinity of Nature”)

when suddenly the canned background music intrudes, the song “God Is Watching Us” is playing, and my brain shifts uncomfortably in the throes of cognitive dissonance. The answer, by the way, is that “the existence of any particular quality, property, entity, level, domain, etc., is made possible by a balancing of the processes that are tending to change it in various directions.” Ah, balance, that makes sense; the treacly ballad came into being and to my eardrum via an infinite set of variables that pushed and pulled it into existence, as did the book I was reading, as did the salon, as did I, and the fact that any of these things did not go out of balance and cease to be is, depending on your point of view, truly remarkable, or truly mundane. Or both, of course.

Let’s see, listened to: 314) Chevy Heston: Chevy Heston (oh stop whining); 315) Disappear Fear: Seed in the Sahara (oh my this one was bad); 316) Van Hunt: Van Hunt (starts well, peters out); 317) Molotov: Danse and Dense Denso; 318) The Zombies: Greatest Hits(led to sudden desire to hear Argent); 319) Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party: Intoxicated Spirit(oh hell yeah); 320) Joe “King” Carrasco: Anthology (wonder what Joe’s doing these days…); 321) Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News(overrated but a few good songs); 322) Linton Kwesi Johnson: Reggae Greats (oh hell yeah, x2).

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