Next Prompt

Not sure “prompt” is the right word, but “principle” doesn’t fit; what I mean is an overarching scheme that helps me both generate and organize an artistic project. For example, a narrative idea is one, a thread of a story that will help me write to see where it leads while also causing the writing to organize itself according to some narrative principle, but it also must suggest some aesthetic ideal, so that the narrative and aesthetic work on each other. What I need is a prompt (bad word!) for my next music writing project. I am still recording the last one, which is organized as 1/2 cover songs, 1/2 original songs, all played solo on the bass with vocals, a few bass overdubs or very rudimentary drum machines… so, what next? I always wanted to write a doo-wop inspired opera about Manute Bol, but I don’t have the vocal range. Maybe I should write a bunch of long, middle-eastern groove songs with minimal lyrics all about the childhood of someone in an alternate universe. Or maybe I should write a bunch of appalachian folk ballads about fringe or forgotten celebrities…Bull Montana or  Shields and Yarnell, or Eddie Deezen. If anyone has an idea, I’d love to hear it.

More CDs, as I am listening to them all, in order:

352) The Holy Modal Rounders: The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders (Whee!); 353)  Louis Armstrong: The Hot Fives, Vol 2; 354) Louis Prima: Capitol Collectors Series; 355) Emmylou Harris: Spyboy; 356) Van Morrison: The Best of, Vol 2; 357) George Clinton and Family: 6 Degrees of P-Funk; 358) Lee Harvey Oswald: A Quiet Evil; 359) Cat Power: The Covers Record (love the Moby Grape song); 360) Michelle Shocked: Captain Swing (few songwriters are as unappreciated as Michelle…); 361) Randy Newman: Harps and Angels; 362) Gogol Bordello: Gypsy Punks; 363) A. B. Quintanilla Presents: Kumbia Kings; 364) Television: Marquee Moon.