Book Launches

I’m having book launch parties in Feb, one in Rochester at Lux Lounge on Feb 12, one in Buffalo at Sugar City on Feb 19th. I will do my best to make them fun…. here’s a poem from the new book, originally published in the Wisconsin Review:

Animal Logic and the Hub

The flight to Pittsburgh was oversold
and a voice on the loudspeaker
     begged for volunteers,
for the flexibly scheduled, for heroes:
this is how we live. We walk the gangplank
     to a winged metal tube
and are flung to distant cities,
we disembark and wonder at the mess
we’ve made of our children,
     our parents, our homes,
our gods, our health;
we make do and cringe at the presence
     of other people, we preen
and draw them toward us,
we puff up our chests and laugh
     too loudly, we recoil
when another claims us
as part of some not-so-royal “we.”

As it is and always has been,
but further bent into our selves,
as it is and will someday cease to be,
bundles of nerve and blood embroidered
with the sound of pictures, the color
of word, each of us ready, at an instant,
to don the cape and pose on a mound of dead—
to be heroes, and not to fly.

And here are the CDs I’ve listened to recently, as I continue trying to listen to all the ones I own, in order: 389) The Holy Modal Rounders: The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders (wheeee!); 390) Curtis Mayfield’s Chicago Soul; 391) Big Star: #1 Record + Radio City; 392) The Noisettes: What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? (more wheeee!)