CD Collection: Yikes…

I started this project (listening to very CD I own) with a stack sitting on a speaker in our living room, and while the first 2 were excellent, the rest of the pile consists of CDs I got when my Grandfather died; I tok all his LPs too, and just grabbed the CDs without thinking. Without thinking I’d ever have to listen to them, that is. I knew there would be rough patches, might as well get it over now.

3) Al Hirt and Ace Cannon: Help Me Make It Through the Night.

Or, Help Me Make It Through this CD of muzaky versions of very bad songs: “Rhinestone Cowboy.” “Games People Play.” Makes me want to go buy a TV dinner. (bonus: it’s pretty short. And the liner notes, which say that Al is good at talking about “the moving symbology of a negro jazz funeral.”)

4) Bruce & Dina & Duane Prill: Celebrate! Music For Two Trumpets and Organ.

A collection of every overplayed classical piece they could cram on a CD, as played by, you guessed it, and organists and 2 trumpets. Fine for background music as I moved some furniture, though every once in a while it would poke through from the background and scar my brain. “The Wedding March”? Really? Who decides they want to listen to the Wedding March when not at a wedding? (bonus: I never have to listen to this again.)

5) Al Hirt and Ace Cannon: For The Good Times.

Actually more annoying than #3 because the production is even more squeaky, and because they actually ruin a few good songs. “Everything is Beautiful” features a children’s chorus… and yet I survived. (bonus: I didn’t notice they were playing “Rockytop” and only know it is on here because it says so on the back of the cd.)

6) Nat “King” Cole: The Unforgettable.

This one is actually pretty good, has that just-sleazy Rat Pack/3 martini vibe, and some excellent songs. What is Nat the King of? Of highwater trousers, if the CD cover is any indication. (bonus: his version of “Stardust” might be my favorite.)