Full Random

When I started listening to all my CDs, I had a few rules, like: I have to listen to each CD from start to finish, not as part of a mix. But, to hell with that, putting 5 CDs in the player and hitting “full random” is often fun, and just as often jarring, but this particular full random set is pretty fucking cool, every song comments on the next in an interesting way… and the whiskey helps, but I’ve had but one, so it’s not simply a booze-fueled diorama my head is creating. No, it is a diorama, but the fuel is the songs, from these 5 CDs, which happened to be the next 5 on the shelf: 422) Johnny Cash: At San Quentin; 423) NOFX: Heavy Petting Zoo;  424) Black 47: Home of the Brave; 425) Zafa: Funky Grooves of Yemen; 426) Spirit: The 12 Dreams of Dr Sardonicus.  Like eavesdropping on an interesting conversation… it occurs to me that I could get a 100 cd changer and bang out a whole bunch at once, but then I wouldn’t be able to move from the couch for days, unless it had a programmable memory–nah, 5 is a fine number. Slainte!

2 thoughts on “Full Random”

  1. Hay mark,

    I love doing this!! I really miss the fact that when i used to buy a album (record) it came with a b-side…i think the kids now a days miss out on allot of good music…they only buy one song at a time…we really need to get together and jam!! in the summer months we will have people over to drink some beers in my back yard and play…i will let you know.


  2. Sounds great, sorry for the delay in posting your reply–I have 300 spams to go through, looking for legit posts. We are going to show movies in the backyard this summer too, maybe that can segue into a jam… or the other way around… or hell, play a Charlie Chaplin movie and try to provide the soundtrack!

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