Cds + Snuka

My short essay about going to see Jimmy Snuka wrassle is up at Gloom Cupboard (I’m at the bottom of the page).

Continuing with my Grandfather’s CDs:

7) Lawrence Welk: 22 Great Songs For Dancing.

Yes, this is what prozac must sound like. Or, as my lovely wife put it, “this is soul-sucking, life-killing, vapid noise meant to turn you into a Republican.” A certain kind of Republican, anyway. (bonus: it’s over!)

8] Paddy Reilly: Live

This one was pretty good, actually; I was worried the production would be soul-sucking and life-killing, but for the most part the band just stayed out of Paddy’s way. Some cheesy synths did almost ruin “Carrickfergus,” but otherwise, sparse and fairly moving. (bonus: a cover of “Deportees” (Arlo Guthrie) reminded me how clearly anti-Brown People the debate over immigration is–no one is complaining about all the illegal Irish anymore….)