Two articles

That are interesting to read sequentially, or at least they fell upon me that way and I found them thus:

Larry Sanger

Joseph Wood

The first article outlines a kind of anti-intellectualism exhibited by the hipster/geek/digerati tribe, and the comments section provides, not always intentionally, evidence to support the argument. The second article is about contemporary poety in the US, careerism, and ideology, and the comments section follows a similar pattern, leading me to think that the problem is less anti-intellectualism and disdain for knowledge than it is intellectual balkanization and disdain for any kind of knowledge but one’s own, at least as evidenced in the comments sections of blogs and articles. And while I don’t want to create a taxonomy of blog comment types, I do see a connection between intellectual balkanization of the type seen in contemporary poetry and the way internet-enabled crowd-based opining–maybe “cloud critique” is a better term–has sharpened social exclusion. As I recall, part of the promise of the internet was that it would expose more people to more new ideas, make them more flexible and inclusive, rather than exclusive…. whoops.  Resisting this ongoing reshaping of our discursive selves, fighting the cloud, that’s the trick….

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