Hay Bales

The sight of round hay bales in a field pleases me to no end, which helps me understand why geometry was was cornerstone of Ancient Greek thought (and Ancient Chinese thought, come to think of it, and the whole tradition of geomancy), how we get deductive reasoning from mathematics, and so forth. Our bodies are made to discern form and the contrast of forms, so of course certain sets of forms will please us; in much the same way, our bodies were made to communicate linguistically, and the form language takes is metaphorical (or metonymic, if you want to get into that argument, but really both metonymy and metaphor should be part of a single category): words mean because they represent something else, and metaphors are bald reminders of that fact, just as rolled hay bales in a field are bald reminders of how our perceptual and conceptual faculties are inseparable, and are the reason we can feel pleasure in the first place. After the hay bales was a wooden fence, also pleasing, then a quickee muffler place, less pleasing because of the simple grace of previous forms… it might be pleasing if I stopped and studied it, but driving by, it only reminded me how little most people care about just about everything.

CDs listened to: 478) Jungle Brothers: Done By The Forces Of Nature; 480) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: And No More Shall We Part; 481) Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not; 482) Beck: Midnite Vultures; 483) F-Bomb: Who Sunk the Funk? (well, these guys helped, this is awful); 484) Urge Overkill: Exit The Dragon; 485) Guadalcanal Diary: 2 X 4; 486) The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots; 487) Boiled in Lead: Old Lead; 488) Miles Davis: The Complete Concert, 1964.