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I’m exhausted with coverage of the Republican party flaming out in the US, and I don’t even watch TV. It does seem clear we are witnessing the death rattle of the GOP, hence all the coverage of conservative heads discussing what bulbous phoenix will rise from the ashes… and like I said, I don’t even watch TV, or listen to the radio much, but I get enough out of the corner of my ear to put it all together. Then again, I don’t care: not about Republicanism, whether or not there need be such a counterweight to what Democrats and progressives propose is a topic for another day. It’s the coverage I’m sick of, it’s tawdry at best, and downright depressing in a worry-about-the-fate-of-the-species manner. But, it’s in the air, so to speak, and that’s my excuse for thinking about media coverage of the Republican primaries, circa 2012, when reading this tidbit:

the motion performed by us in consequence of irritation, are owing to the original constitution of our frame, whence the soul or sentient principle, immediately, and without any previous ratiocination, endeavors by all means, and in the most effectual manner, to avoid and get rid of every disagreeable sensation conveyed to it by whatever hurts or annoys the body. If the soul were confined to the brain, as many have believed, whence is it that a pigeon not only lives for several hours after being deprived of its brain, but also flies from one place to another?

That was written by Robert Whytt, an 18th century Scottish physician and researcher who showed, among other things, that the body of a decapitated frog would still respond to prodding it’s spinal column with a needle. Sounds like media coverage of the GOP death race 2000 to me.

But I have enjoyed:

Acid Sweat Lodge

Long Form

and for some reason,



CDs: 533) Bad Haggis: Ack; 534) The Jam: This is the Modern World / All the Mod Cons; 535) Benny Goodman: Rare Recordings, 1935-1936; 536) Deanna Kirk: Where Are You Now; 537) Schumann: Symphony 1, Symphony 3.