Gored Gored

Ashley and I moved to Lockport, NY from Atlanta, GA in Sept of 2007, and one of the few amenities I really miss is the number and diversity of restaurants. In Lockport, Americanized Italian food is considered “ethnic,” though we do, oddly enough, have 2 Jamaican restaurants. Buffalo has some restaurants to explore, but they do not, as far as I can tell, have an Ethiopian restaurant, which is one of my favorite kinds of cuisine, right up there with Vietnamese, Brazilian, Japanese, and Cajun/Creole. There is one in Rochester, but that’s an hour and a half away, so I can’t go that often.

So–I must learn to make Ethiopian food myself. Today I made niter kibbeh, a kind of spiced butter, and berebere, a spice blend not unlike some southern Indian curries, in preparation for making Gored Gored on Monday. I will have to make injera as well, of course, but teff flour is very hard to come by–I had to order it from this farm–and I really want some raw meat marinated in butter, so I will try a fakey version of injera  that uses whole wheat flour and yogurt to simulate teff and the sourdough starter while I wait for the teff to arrive. 

 I promise to post pictures.