Ok, still on Grandpa’s short stack of music:

9) Vera Lynn: For All WWII Sweethearts!

No, Roger Waters, I don’t remember Vera Lynn, at least not the way you mean on The Wall. And really, neither do you, since you were born in 1943 and “We’ll Meet Again” was released in 1942. But it is a great song, and I remember singing it on a well-oiled evening with a group of people who also did not remember Vera that way. 2 cds, nice enough to play while making dinner, and her version of “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” is pleasant . The whole experience made me want a gibson and some tongue in aspic. (bonus: The end of Dr Strangelove, and I also found out that “Vera” is cockney rhyming slang for “gin” (rhymes with “Lynn”).

10) The Wonderful Sound of An Accordion Band: Accordion Party.

Wow, accordions! In an airplane hanger! Or at least it sounds like an airplane hanger, the reverb is HUGE and there are 4 or 5 accordions going at once and then, way, way in the back, is a drummer and a standup bass and a piano player. The reverb makes it, I have headphones on and I can see Pat Buchanan screaming about something on TV and my brain is twitching like a carnival worker who passed out drunk in his trailer and knocked a bottle of ether over as he hit the bed, and all night long it’s been leaking, slowly, leaking and evaporating while outside the bearded lady, the man with two faces, and the human blockhead console themselves by jamming on their   ACCORDIONS! (bonus: did I mention the crazy reverb? I did? ok, then how about “Edelweiss”?)

And, again: my short essay about going to see Jimmy Snuka wrassle is up at Gloom Cupboard (I’m at the bottom of the page).