New Book

Oh such a lax blogger I’ve been. And shall continue to be for a few days, stopping now only to advertise a new book I’ve done with an artist friend. Instead of doing the usual reading tour, I’m going to try and upload some videos of images from the book and myself reading them (unless I can get someone with a better voice to do it), we’ll see how the virtual book launch goes…

Announcing the publication of
Conflagrations: Poems and Images
an emblem book by Mary Leary and Marc Pietrzykowski

Print: $17. 74 pages. ISBN: 1478159340 / 978-1478159346
Official Book Launch November/December 2012, by Pski’s Porch Publishing. Available soon now from and other retailers.

Emblem books were all the rage during the 16th and 17th centuries. Pski’s Porch Publishing sees no good reason why they shouldn’t be all the rage in this young century as well. In an emblem book, image and poem are paired, producing a composite art where each element somehow amplifies or complements the other. This relationship might be comical, didactic, obscure, ambient, or all of these at once–the way each pairing constitutes a single work is left largely up to the reader. That said, there are certain unifying characteristics to these works: each of the pairings in Conflagrations is somehow concerned with the word “fire,” and the three sections, titled “Flux and Fire,” “Gods and Goddesses,” and “Backburn,” are also thematically linked. We hope you find pleasure and value in this, the second book published by Pski’s Porch, and keep your antennae primed for future releases.

(but, did I listen to any CDs on my quest to listen to all the ones I own, in order? Yes, in fact, I listen to a Fats Waller box set, If You Got to Ask You Ain’t Got It, and learned: a) I need to get more Fats Waller, boy did he swing, and b) this: