Poem from upcoming book….

I have a new book launching Nov 19, and will have parties in Buffalo (Nov 19th) and Rochester (Dec 3rd) to celebrate. Here is a sample that seems relevant:

Now It’s Personal

The streets were rivers of stars and lovers
and the rain came and cooled the hearts of both.
Cafes and doorways flooded as the streets jumped their banks.
Skulls shrunk, mouths swelled, the chatter was all of angels:
angels of marginalia, angels of the engine infernal,
angels of my first time, all the cherubim and seraphim
of a world bone-drenched by heaven after heaven,
heavens plastered on warehouse walls,
heavens honking from passing cabs and radios perched
on hot dog carts, heavens crackling through the space
between satellites.
     And as the streets turned to steam
the chatter turned and spun itself into a husk
the shape of a body, and a man rose from the crowd
and donned the husk, showed his teeth, then spoke
to the stars and lovers
gathered below:
     This is my shape, this is my skin,
you called and I am here.
       The ones who believed
believed it was always thus, while the skeptics
were not invited to return.
       Rooks along the roofline
counted the crumbs that fell as the lovers squabbled
and waved their arms like they were falling through the sky.

The savior swelled and shone like a boil. No one could think
of anything but him, those that loved him, those who wished
his flesh would turn to jelly and fall away, when the lovers
went to bed, they thought of him, when they dreamed,
he rode their dreams until they were tired and wet and ready
for the stall and the feedbag.
       Mothers pinched babies to make them
rosier, that he might kiss them. Sisters shoved brothers
under trains, the better to see his glistening head. And then,
as the sun bleated from behind a cloud, he burst–

I wish there were more to the story. I wish a drunken crone
was bribing urchins with moldy sweets to listen:
how they came while we slept and scrubbed the pavement clean
so the streets could be rivers of stars and lovers,
so the rain could come and cool the hearts of both.