You do unbend your noble strength to think so brainsickly of things

From last year’s model…


Pieces of Silver

On the fifty-seventh Thursday of the month, we host

a flotilla of sad-eyed immigrant children from the next township over

and inculcate them with the values of the merchant class,

the evolutionary principles under-girding the sort of life


they want, as their parents have not attained it and never will, hence

the sad eyes. Each gets a gift bag stamped “share, with love,”

containing a single, sturdy, high thread count oatmeal cookie,

a scratch-off ticket, and a small note: “sharing is for pussies.”


Laugh at your own risk, sneer to drown the sound of your craving,

we know better. We know where the profit fairy flutters to nest,

we know how to look slim and golden, even after the hunt, even after

your little Bakunins have done their sloppy best and delivered you to us.

(From Kindness in Never Small, 2015)