New Blog Project

I started this blog so I could listen to all the CDs I own, one at a time, and write about them, after my wife asked me why I had so many of the damn things. I got up to 888, and then I packed them all away because we thought we might move again. We didn’t, but I haven’t the heart to sort through and figure out which ones I’ve listed here and which I haven’t, plus the 50 more I’ve purchased since then, so: time to put that project aside, and start another! The plan now is to watch the top 100 movies ever made, as compiled by They Shoot Pictures Don’t They, and blog about each one. I thought to watch and write about 1 per week, which my lovely wife though was “aggressive,” but I still think it is a good average to shoot for. Of course, #100, Sátántangó, dir. Béla Tarr, is 7-1/2 hours long, and is proving hard to find a copy of, so perhaps it will take a while to reach the average I’m shooting for, or I might have to jump around a bit.

Here is the list: Movie List