Cds, cont’d

Probably only have time for one tonight, I want to work on some of my own music:

19) Various Artists: Bug Jar Compilation

Wow, what year is this from? No idea, but I’d guess 1992? I helped Bob a bit while he was hanging the stuff from the ceiling of this bar–well, I helped after he’d gotten it up there, by hanging from stuff to be sure it would pass the inspection. If you’ve never been to the Bug Jar, there is an apartment’s worth of furniture suspended upside down on the ceiling above the dance floor. I enjoyed hanging out there quite a bit (sorry), even after they banned me (only for a week, I was forgiven), and Ashley and I went there for a drink after our wedding (still in our bride and groom clothes) because we both wished Bob hadn’t died so suddenly and missed our nuptuials. He would have enjoyed it.     The liner notes simply list the players in most of the groups, but geez, the nostalgia I’m feeling is starting to cloy, reading all the names of people I used to know, some of whom I played with, some of whom I drank with, and many of whom I pissed off for no better reason than boredom. (bonus: some bands and names: Nod, Ochotillo, Big Hair, Dirt Box Five, Urban Squirrels, the Fugutives, Zezozose, Deerpark, Colorblind James Experience; Tim Poland (had replaced me in the Stripminers earlier), Brian Schaffer (lived upstairs, and then downstairs, from me), Patrick Denney (washed dishes at Jazzberry’s when it was on Monroe), Obidiah (fell drunk in the tub laughing), Tod (pushed him into the tub), Mark Gage (yes, Stardust Memories was pretentious too, but I liked it), the True One (the Emir!), Jack Schaeffer and Zeppi (sorry, you are a duo in my head), Andi Lee (oh whatever), Vanessa (sorry I broke yer table with my face), Ted Williams (is it done yet?), Geoff (you best have married her, buddy), ah hell everybody else too…. hiya, hope all is well. And rest in peace, Bob Duke, Ashley and I send our love.)