CDs a-go-gonna

I managed to listen to 4 cds in a row, grading papers and getting lost on the Scorgie’s Reunion site. I went to Scorgie’s a bunch, underaged mostly, either got through the bouncers with crap fake ID or waited outside the backdoor for someone to let me in. Once I was of age, they had become a comedy club, and for the most part I would rather eat earwax off a subway turnstile than watch comedians. There are a few exceptions, but now is not the time…

22) Bad Brains: Attitude

Hell yes, Bad Brains had energy, compressed, molten energy, like no one else, even hardcore groups that played faster than them (i.e. DRI). They managed to put funk in hardcore, fused 2 kinds of energy, and then gave everyone whiplash by shifting all of a sudden to a reggae tune. This CD is a re-release of a cassette I bought from ROIR mailorder years ago… the fast and hard songs sound great, pressed tight as vienna sausage, and the reggae songs sound like shit. (bonus: HR with short hair.)

23) Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos: (the prosthetic cubans)

I think that is the CD title, and not just a translation aid, though that is what the name means en espanol. (Ok, I think that should have been the title. ’tis much better than non) The guitarist who lent the twang plonk guitar sound to all those great Tom Waits albums plays a bunch of Arsenio Rodriguez songs (plus a few others) with a small combo. The soundtrack for a Graham Green novel, perhaps… if only Bad Brains mixed this stuff into their set, instead of the odd reggae song. (bonus: Ribot sings very sporadically)

24) Cat Power: Moon Pix

Cat Power annoys me sometimes, other times her voice lays my head on a pillow and sings in rhythm with the moonlight through the maples boughs. I like the songs with drum machines and such, I know her more recent stuff is supposed to be revelatory because she plays with the Muscle Shoals dudes, but I think the stiff, machiney sounds mesh just as well with her voice. And, if I played with Al Green’s band, I would be a goddamn revelation too. In fact, I think the Muscle Shoals rhythm section is mentioned in the book of revelations. (bonus: the back cover picture, where Chan looks like she is channeling Holden Caulfield)

25) The Waterboys: Fisherman’s Blues

The song “Fisherman’s Blues” is one of my favorites, full of yearning and anger and it’s only 4 chords. Lots of other songs on here are fine, too: “We Will Not Be Lovers,” “And A Bang On The Ear,” “When Will We Be Married”–the only stinker is “Dunford’s Fancy,” with a poetical spoken word part that evokes “Nights in White Satin.” But maybe that’s just my problem. (bonus: on other albums, they do the literature/folk rock thing quite well. No, not a bonus. Here is a bonus….)