Crap, I miss a day or two and feel like my rent and power and phone bill and car note and ice cream sandwich bill are all due on the same day. Such pressure!

Anyhow, to recap: I am listening to all the CDs in my house and blogging about them, and if I keep buying more, I will never die. Or I could move on to the LPs, 8-tracks….

29) Digable Planets: reachin’ (a new refutation of time and place)

When Christianity first started to solidify into a religion, there were three main ideologies that fought it out for dominance. And so it was with hip-hop in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when the Conscious/Native Tongues, Gangster, and Party-Pop subgenres duked it out for supremacy. Nobody won, of course; various strains just mutated and hybridized and gave birth to utter shit like Jay-Z, interesting shit like Def Jux, and of course, ODB. Digable Planets were hot for a minute, and this is a fun album, great jazzy basslines, minimal production, and lyrics that want to be smart and occasionally do rise above HBCU buzzword status. (bonus: “la femme fatale, ” a rap about keeping Roe v. Wade intact, disses Clarence Thomas and David Souter? Souter was put on the supreme court in 1990 and quickly proved far more liberal that poor GHWBush thought he would be; he helped defend a woman’s right to choose as early as 1992. So I’m not sure what bug got up Butterfly Butler’s butt, but he owes Souter an apology for lumping him in with Thomas. Extra: Apparently, the Planets are still orbiting…)

30) Aimee Mann: Lost In Space

What great songwriter, though I understand how folks might think her a bit dour, though I absolutely don’t understand why you wouldn’t like someone because they tended to write sad, bleak songs. This is my favorite release of Aimee’s (may I call you Aimee?), although it is in a tie for first with the lime green one with the flamingo on the cover… “Guys Like Me,” “The Moth,” “High on Sunday 51,” what’s not to like? Still a painfully unrecognized great American songwriter. (bonus: Mann is the German nihilist who sacrifices her pinky toe in The Big Lebowski)


  1. Richard Ford

    Aimee Mann: Für mich auch Heidelberg Pfannkuchen, Uli, Heidelberg Pfannkuchen.

    ULI: She has lingonberry pancakes.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Did you recognize her? I was so surprised I had to go to and check.

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