Free X-rays

and cat scans, and so forth: ┬áRadiology Picture of the Day I have always been fascinated by the character of x-rays, the ghostly style… glowing bones and muscle and tissue, all a frog’s hair from dissipation. We must do like the animals that rub out their traces at the entrance to their lairs. Seek no … Read more

Monkey picked tea? is both exciting and a disappointment, exciting because it does have some interesting foods I’d like to try (weasel coffee, curried crickets) but the selection is pretty small. actually has a slightly larger selection, and various meats and fishes and bugs can be ordered from other places if you dig around a bit. … Read more

Ok, maybe not…

The hotel I stayed at in Vegas did not have WiFi, and with only my pda to type on, I could not write from there, which is just as well, since I was there such a short time. The reading was fun, not many in the crowd but everyone was receptive and we all–Jarret Keene, … Read more

las vegas

I am flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning to go to the Clark County Library and read poetry. I love the idea of flying to Vegas to go to the library. I wonder if the library will have video poker. Anyhow, I am going to bring my pda and keyboard and will try and write … Read more

Book Selling

I have a publisher, Zeitgeist Press, that is small and has not the resources a huge publishing house might have, but they have the freedom to publish work that they like, not just work they think can sell a boatload of copies. Because they cannot send me a $10,000 advance and put me on the … Read more

late than never

The Gored Gored turned out ok, not enough niter kibbeh, and I probably should have cooked the berebere, longer, but it tasted yummy. The injera, on the other hand, I didn’t figure out how to pour until the very last piece, and even then the recipe was wanting: doughy, rubbery, and way too dense.

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Sister Corita’s Rules

From Michal Migurski’s blog, some good advice. A few of them remind me a bit of Eno and Shmidt’s Oblique Strategies :   immaculate heart college art department rules This (by Sister Corita Kent) was worth retyping: Find a place you trust and then try trusting it for a while. General duties of a student: … Read more

Ok, one more time….

The last CMS I tried just went blank one day, and no help on their forum, so… I really only need blogging interface and linking at this point. I would like to put my book here for free download, CC copyright, but that is future tense.