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Cds, back from vacation

Ashley and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario over the weekend, I listened to Cds in the car, and by all accounts I should include them in this compendium, but the listening experience is too different, to diffuse to include; it wouldn’t be fair to all the CDs I listen to on my boom box, or through headphones on my laptop. So, back at home: 16) Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People I think this is the only Mogwai CD I own; no, maybe I have a live one somewhere. In any case, no one needs more than one, not that it isn’t a good cd, but–they make film music, lush and surging, and mostly sans lyrics, though there is some vocodor vocalizing going on here. The absence of understandable lyrical content is not a problem, but the absence of consistantly strong melodic content is, and so the more new-agey, meandering passages really suffer from the absence of lyrics. Or from the absence of a movie to make the abstract parts more interesting. The abstract parts could be more interesting, instead of simply being set-ups for the big, emotionally sweeping parts, but for the most part, they ain’t. Good to…
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